The JANHA GET FIT GET WELL program is a recently initiated program which is part of the activities of QCT OF USA. It started as a family activity about a year ago where by the JANHA FAMILY engage in series of physical activities consistently to help the entire family stay healthy and strong. These activities yielded a positive impact on the participants.Thus I decided to extend it beyond the JANHA FAMILY to help other family members in our community stay healthy and fit physically.

Although the program focuses on the students, it is not limited to the students.Individuals with non-student status are eligible to participate to the program as long as they are willing to comply with the protocols set by QCT OF USA. Ones gender, race, belief or country of origin will have no significance in the registration process of interested individuals. Among other things the activities include playing soccer, running, playing basketball, and playing football.


  • Participating in the JANHA GET FIT GET WELL PROGRAM can help you stay fit physically.

  • Exercising on a consistent basis paves the way to a good health. THE JANHA GET FIT GET WELL program will flexibly help you engage in these physical activities consistently for a better living.

  • This program will help you enjoy your normal meals and still be in good shape physically.

  • Exercising on a consistent basis reduce stress.As an active participant, you will live a stress free life.

  • As a participant, this program will give you the opportunity to interact with individuals from a different ethnic group.

  • As a participant you will automatically be eligible to enroll in any of the IT training courses that are offered by QCT OF USA at a discounted rate.

  • You will also benefit from the advises, recommendations and counseling on university related issues offered by QCT OF USA at no cost.

To register for this program you can call me at 678-531-8266 or you can send me an email to info@qctofusa.com

I thank you for choosing QCT OF USA.
Mr. Ebou Janha (CEO and Founder of QCT OF USA )

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Posted by Mr. Ebou Janha on Thursday 09/20/2018.

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