About Mr. Ebou Janha the Founder and the CEO of QCT OF USA

Mr. Ebou Janha and wife Nenneh Joof

My name is Ebou Janha and I am the founder and the CEO of QCT OF USA which is a Computer Technology company base in Atlanta Georgia in The United States of America. I am a United States citizen who originally came from The Gambia and was born in Farafenni Town in The Gambia in West Africa. I attended Farafenni Primary school or elementary school as call here in the United States and later continued to Gambia Muslim High School located in Banjul on Dobson street after successfully meeting the high school entrance requirements in 1988. In Muslim High School I chose commerce as my area of specialization for these reasons I was always impressed by bank employees since in those days the banks were one of the best facilities to work at, their employees always look professional and of course their base compensation was always above most of the other positions in The Gambia.

My passion for entrepreneurship also represented a contributive factor why I chose commerce. In those days as a commerce student, you will be focusing on Business Management, commerce as a subject, Economics, Statistics, Mathematics, English and Accounting and obviously these subjects matched my goals to work as a banker or be an entrepreneur. After five years in Muslim High School, I sat to The General Certificate Examination referred to as the GCE then and proudly secured a DIVISION ONE from that exam which was formulated by The West African Examination Council.

Shortly after I graduated from Muslim High School I was offered the position of a Secco Manager with The Gambia Cooperative Union which was partly managed by the Gambia government to purchase the groundnuts produced by the farmers. This position which called for the management of a buying point that covers about ten villages, the maintenance of all the books of accounts of the Secco (The buying point), the handling of all the entity's finance, managing the evacuation process of the purchased groundnuts to a designated depot, the employees' payroll, weighing the farmers groundnuts and remitting payments, scheduling and chairing meetings and many more duties were solely managed by the Secco Manger. Evidently, it was a challenging task but through hard work, and dedication, the numbers from the secco's activities were positive and encouraging.

Three years later, I came to The United States to advance my education. Since we were never introduced to computers in high school, obtaining a degree in a computer related field was not an option for me until I enrolled in Atlanta Metropolitan State University in Atlanta, Georgia in The United States of America. At this institution, I took an introduction to computer course under the leadership of Dr Babatunde Onabanjo and my curiosity on how the computers were interconnected at the lab represents the major reason I decided to peruse a degree in Computer Information System and Information Technology. I enrolled in Atlanta Metropolitan State University and obtained an associate degree which is a two years program in Computer Information System in May of 2003. From this institution I continued to Southern Polytechnic State University in Marietta Georgia where I obtained a bachelor's degree in information technology with a concentration in Computer Networking in July of 2006. Southern Polytech merged with Kennesaw State and now is Kennesaw State.

After my graduation from Southern Polytechnic State University I did a one-day internship with King Way Inca Clymer in Acworth, Georgia. During my times in school, I engaged in many community-based activities here in Atlanta Georgia and helped numerous individuals in the community with their computers. My experience both from school, internships, and the community services propelled my desire to establish my own company name QCT OF USA in Atlanta Georgia. The company engages in series of activities and among them include; computer repair, computer networking, web designing, banners, business cards and IT training. For more details about the company call me directly at 470-331-8554.

During my times in school I was working for one of the biggest hotels in Atlanta Georgia The Hyatt Regency Hotel where I secured the funds for my education both at Atlanta Metropolitan State University and at Southern Polytechnic State University since I had no scholarship. At the Hyatt Regency Atlanta, I started working at housekeeping as a (GUEST REQUEST RUNNER) responsible for delivering requested items by hotel guests to their rooms. After realizing that I can transfer to any department as long as there was an available position and I maintain good performance at housekeeping, I relied on good attendance, hard work and commitment which after six months paved my way to the Guest Services department working as a bellman. Serving at this capacity as a bellman was an honor and a pride for me since I was designated at the front of one of the biggest hotels in The United States to interact with all kinds of guests. My transfer was approved by The General Manger at that time Mr. Ted Kanatas after inviting me for an interview in his office.

At the bellstand I had the opportunity to meet people across the globe and the most noticeable ones were President Barack Obama, Snoop Dog, Allen Iverson, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille Oneal, Shari Headley known as Lisa in the Coming to America movie, Dikembe Mutombo, Howard Dean, John Amos, Jessie Jackson, representative John Lewis just to name a few. At the bell stand and the concierge desk the employees' relationship shifted from co workers to brothers and sisters. We maintained high standards at all times interacting with the hotel guests and also take care of each other on a daily basis for over fifteen years. Every individual I worked with at The Hyatt Regency across all the departments was simply an exceptional person.

After working for The Hyatt Regency Atlanta for so many years, I established my own company named QCT OF USA here in Atlanta, Georgia. The company is registered with the State of Georgia and it is active. If you are interested in any our products or services call me at 470-331-8554 or send me an email to info@qctofusa.com. As a United States citizen, I am living in Atlanta, Gerogia in College Park with my four children who are all United States citizens Mamastou Janha, Baye Janha, Baboucarr Janha, Abdou Janha and my wife Nenneh Joof who is also a United States citizen.

As a Muslim and an individual who is impressed by the teachings of Sheikh Ebrahim Nyass, I voluntarily served as the Secretary General of Ansarudeen USA which is an Islamic based organization committed to support the community and also advance the agendas of Sheikh Ebrahim Nyass. I voluntarily broadcast for the organization's radio station for almost three years to help advance the organization's goal. During these times I call and chair for the meetings and help organize conferences across The United States of America.

I also hosted the JANHA RADIO TALK SHOW which was crafted to inspire the students and also help them as they prepare for college. From this show I had the opportunity to interview many high-profile individuals and one of them is Dr. Shiva the Indian American who invented the EMAIL system when he was only fourteen. Dr. Shiva is now an independent candidate for senate in Massachusetts.

Recently, I launched the JANHA GET FIT GET WELL program which is a part of the activities of QCT OF USA designed to help the youth and the grown ups in our community stay fit and healthy. To enroll to this program call me at 470-331-8554 or send me an email to info@qctofusa.com. I enjoy travelling and recently visited The Gambia, Senegal and Paris in France. Soccer and basketball are my favorite games. Click here for the QCT OF USA'S home page

Written and posted by Mr. Ebou Janha (The CEO and the founder of QCT OF USA) 10/14/2018